Doune The Rabbit Hole Ye Go

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I’m sitting here struggling to keep my eyes open. Vonnie and the boys left about five hours ago to head up to the campsite for the Doune The Rabbit Hole music festival. I won’t even be able to get in touch with Vonnie and the boys as there is no mobile phone reception at the festival site and she has the car. I don’t know what to do with myself. Both girls climbed up onto the couch to look out of our front window and upon seeing the street lights said they now going to bed and went and put their pyjamas on. G didn’t even fight going to sleep, she just climbed up into bed and closed her eyes with a smile.

I’m terrified to go into my bedroom as the bed looks like it was hit by a sock bomb. We have a spare laundry bucket for all the unpaired socks we have and my job this afternoon was to go through them and find all the socks that were perfect for wearing with wellington boots at music festivals. I never did clean up the unmatched ones afterwards though. I think I might sleep on couch…

I thought I’d do a little tidying and baking in the kitchen to surprise the girls with tomorrow morning and couldn’t think what to make. I eventually found I had the ingredients for Coconut Ice and got to work making that hoping to get a few squares to myself tonight before they devour it all tomorrow. I completely forgot you need to leave it overnight to set before you can eat it though. D’oh!

It’s taken me about an hour to write this entry by the way. I’m that tired I can barely read the text. I’m just to scared to go anywhere near that bed!

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    Awwwww babe!

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