Crossing over into Hades

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*I’m going with the Judeo-Christian version of Hades rather than the Greek misty and gloomy version. What I’m getting at is it’s rather hot in there…

When the kids started taking swimming lessons at the Pollock  Swimming Pool it was great. Erica would go for her lesson and I could take Greer in myself and we’d get a splash about. Then when it came time to book the proper blocks rather than the short five lesson blocks Glasgow City Council give them for free we missed out on a place for everyone. The closest pool that we could get them into was at Bellahouston Sports Centre.

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You wouldn’t think that by looking at it that you would be entering the depths of Hell when you go inside though would you?

I’ve spent many hours both as a child and as an adult in indoor swimming pools but I’ve never been exposed to such humid heat outside of a sauna in my life. The first time I took the kids I was wearing jeans and a hoodie which would have been comfortable most other places I’ve been. I almost passed out with the heat! Ever since then I turn up wearing shorts, teeshirt and sandals no matter how wild the weather is outside!

Enough of my troubles though. The kids are loving it! They count down the days until their next lesson and get more excited as each day goes by!

Greer has never had formal swimming lessons before but is loving it. Always the first one to give anything a try with the one exception that she won’t put her head under the water. She’ll work her way through that one though.

Erica had her free block of lessons before the summer holidays and is putting everything she has into this new block of lessons.

Nairn on the other hand has had lessons before back in East Kilbride but he actually taught himself to swim a few years ago. We were in France and he was fed up not being able to keep up with his brother and just like when he decided to learn to ride his bike he just went for it and he was swimming pretty well by the end of the holiday. These days though his lessons are held on the other side of the water flume from the observation platform so I’ve no idea how he’s doing. He’s really enjoying it though.

As a young kid I used to go at least once a week with my Grandad and he taught me to swim in the paddling pool at our local pool. I couldn’t swim above water but I was like a fish under it. And then the school started taking us for lessons and myself and Craig McPhee ended up getting our 2km and 4km badges before we were 11 years old and went from strength to strength from there.

I gave up proper swimming though after trying out for the local team and not soaked with ice cold water by one of the other swimmers. I ended up working with her many years later and I don’t think she ever made the connection. After winning a bronze medal at the district schools gala for the 50m Freestyle event I probably should have kept in at it.

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