LEGO Minifigures Series 8 – Diver

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From the moment I first caught sight of this minifig I had to have it..

The decals are perfect and the use of 1×1 plates for the lead covered boots is just sheer genius. I’m also loving the inclusion of the magnifying glass in the helmet as it makes the face really stand out. If I have an issue at all with this minifig it’s with the material the helmet is made from. I much prefer the colour and feel of the plastic they use for the Conquistador’s helmet.

Feel Guide

You know you have this model from the first second you pick the packet up. The helmet piece is that big that it stands out from all the other minifigs whilst still in the box. There is a slight possibility you might mix this up with the Evil Robot’s head purely because of the size. If you can find the round collar easily enough then you won’t need to find the Robots antenna to confirm it either way. If you’ve found a Robot previously though you’ll be well aware of the size difference though and won’t need the extra level of detail for the ID.

As with the Olympic minifigs I thought about producing a dot/bump code guide for this series. In all honesty though after sitting staring at the packets in my house for a good twenty minutes I just can’t read them well enough. The robot packets I have for example all have the same lot codes  but completely different dots. They are probably exactly the same but just too faint to read properly and if I’m being completely honest if you can get close enough and have the time to look for the dots you’ll have a far better success rate with the feel guide and spend less time on it as well.

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