LEGO Minifigures Series 8 – Downhill Skier

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There is something about the winter themed minifigs that I just don’t get. Not to say they don’t look good I’ve just never seen the appeal myself.

A very simple design that works well. I can’t actually come up with anything other than I wish they’s stop using this colour of pink for the female minifigs. As with a lot of the Collectors Series figures the hair piece is a bit off but what you going to do?

Feel Guide

The skis can be a bit awkward to find because they are so thin and I find they fall into the folds of the poster. If they are loose though you can almost ID the minifig in a second. The poles though are a good stand-by in case you can’t find the keys as no other minifig in this series has anything that comes close in size and shape.

As with the Olympic minifigs I thought about producing a dot/bump code guide for this series. In all honesty though after sitting staring at the packets in my house for a good twenty minutes I just can’t read them well enough. The robot packets I have for example all have the same lot codes  but completely different dots. They are probably exactly the same but just too faint to read properly and if I’m being completely honest if you can get close enough and have the time to look for the dots you’ll have a far better success rate with the feel guide and spend less time on it as well.

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