LEGO Minifigures Series 8 – Pirate Captain

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I don’t know what it is about Lego pirates but I have to have them and this one doesn’t disappoint. When the series first leaked this was the only figure the boys wanted. I think the only thing missing is a parrot!

Generally I like my faces to be pretty bare with only the expressions showing what the minifig is thinking but then I do come from the generation that just had two dots and a smile for a face. This one manages to pull off the perfect face for the minifig even with everything that is on there. Eye patches and a beard and mustache still don’t manage to hide the fact he has a tooth missing!

Feel Guide

I’ve mentioned before that you can quite easily identify this model by the peg leg or hook on the body and legs but in all honesty every pirate I’ve found I’ve ID’d it by the hat. It is very similar in feel to the Lederhosen Guy’s hat but it is pointed on both sides. The sword has a habit of hiding behind the base plate so whilst it’s a good confirmation don’t rely on it for the ID.

As with the Olympic minifigs I thought about producing a dot/bump code guide for this series. In all honesty though after sitting staring at the packets in my house for a good twenty minutes I just can’t read them well enough. The robot packets I have for example all have the same lot codes  but completely different dots. They are probably exactly the same but just too faint to read properly and if I’m being completely honest if you can get close enough and have the time to look for the dots you’ll have a far better success rate with the feel guide and spend less time on it as well.

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